ULC Webinar: ULC Othering in the Library

 ULC Webinar: ULC Othering in the Library

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Sonja Ervin, Equity & Inclusion Manager, Multnomah County Library

Kimberly Melton, Chief of Staff, Office of Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury

Vailey Oehlke, Director of Libraries, Multnomah County Library

As institutions committed to creating free and equitable access for all, libraries must focus on dismantling the systems that created and perpetuated barriers. When we can create equity, we build healthy communities that benefit everyone. Multnomah County Library (MCL) hired its first Equity & Inclusion Manager in 2016. Soon after, the library formed a systemwide Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee to lead creation of a sustainable foundation for placing equity at the center of the library’s planning and decision-making. The library also began a process of reflecting inward — examining the policies and practices that have created inequities over time.

In this webinar, we learned about Multnomah County Library’s approach to strategic racial equity work, including:

- Understanding the historical factors that created and sustained inequitable systems;
- MCL’s equity goals, strategies, and accomplishments to date;
- How the library’s efforts reflect and contribute to Multnomah County’s own commitment to equity and workplace inclusion; and
- The opportunities, barriers, and challenges involved in operationalizing equity.