ULC Webinar: ULC Libraries Second Digital Transformation

 ULC Webinar: ULC Libraries Second Digital Transformation

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Jennifer Blenkle Director of Strategic Initiatives, ULC

John B. Horrigan, Ph.D. Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute

It is no secret that the past five years have seen rapid advancement in technology and its pervasiveness in people’s lives. Learning, civic engagement, job training and applying for even the most entry level job all flow through the internet. Successfully engaging in these activities requires more than digital access. Engagement in a technology driven world requires digital knowledge and skills. Libraries are positioned to lead the building of individual and community digital capacity, which will advance community economic, education and civic priorities.

On June 12 we learned the key findings from a new ULC white paper – Libraries’ Second Digital Transformation by John B. Horrigan, Ph.D. – examining how local government leaders, the public and libraries perceived the roles of libraries in advancing digital inclusion in communities. The white paper builds on data from the ULC Edge Collaborative, the Pew Research Center and a survey sponsored by the Aspen Institute, Public Libraries Association and the International City/County Management Association.